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Poetic Daily Devotional

I AM ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You arose before the morn was born
And with the brilliance of your eyes;
For there were no day or night
You sculpted my frame and being.
You looked at yourself and like you;
You said I would be.
Strength and endurance you infused in my frame
And glory and honor of me you proclaim.

My heart you molded as though it was dough.
And passion and love on me took their hold.
Compassion and tenderness, you did not forget.
And mercy and kindness in my bowels are kept.
All that is mine are in me, and all that is in me are mine to keep
For the splendor of your beauty resides within me.
In the person of your Spirit, He dwells within
To strengthen and teach me and lead me as well
He searches your mind and to me, He tells
The past the present and the future as well
What then can’t I do?

I will open my mouth and speak the word
And create my future for all to see
So through me, your kingdom will always speak
I will speak health and wealth and healing as well.
And freedom is mine for captivities chains I will dispel
Revelation knowledge reveals who I am in Christ
For in him, I live and breathe and stand
So I decree, and I declare, no devil no demon or any man
Can put out my light in this dark land
For I am in Christ and Christ in God
So victory is mine, if I choose to stand.
Stand I will, in the ways of the Great I AM

Author Jen Harvey

Composed 08/09/2010